Cheers to You, Gorgeous

It's holiday cup-o'-cheer time. Heck, it's just cocktail time.
As a seasoned professional bartendress, that tends to the masses at a bar where the manager has exquisite taste in spirits, I am graced with opportunities to play with a lot of fine products bestowed upon the back bar, that is that of The Beehive... or La Rouche, as the French would say.

Now, I am a lady with a taste and passion for the classics; however, one product has delighted my palate, in the last year, in ways that it hasn't been delighted since I had my first sip of Chartreuse out of a proper, crystal cordial glass. Oooh yes I love me some chartreuse. Get me a cigarette and Goddard and call it a night.... I will be floating in happiness....and drunk and digressing....

But now I found something else. Something destined to be a classic. It is a bit more straight-forward, and dare I say, "user friendly" than Chartreuse, but equally lovely. So if you are looking for a product that is beautiful in more ways than one, and that can be poured into champagne, or mixed with gin, vodka or tequila, than this is for you.

Let me make this introduction that I believe is guaranteed to blossom into a delightful relationship.

Say hello to...


(press ze)

mmm hmmmm

Isn't she a beauty?

Slender, but with the right curves in just the right places.

Yes, you want to hold this one.
(she is easy to caress)

Her neck would nestle itself into the palm of your hand
and it would feel as if it belonged there.

Take a step back.
Take a longer look.
Take her in.

She is a fine specimen.

Indeed one of the best on the market.

She is without-a-doubt intoxicating.

Something that lingers on the tip of your tongue.

She is spring after a long, cold winter.

She is a warm embrace.

A hint of lipstick on your cheek...

She is unforgettable.

What is her scent?

White peach?
Some sort of white flower, perhaps?

Elderflower blossoms from the French alps.

She is French, oui.

(of course she is)

She is sophisticated.



She is subtle, yet complex.

She is definitely wild.

She is extraordinary on her own, but can bring out the best in others.

She is all natural-- no preservatives.

Smooth and sweet, but not smothering.

She is handpicked and carried to town by a select group
of bohemian men on bicycles.

Oh, yes:
She is special...





So go and get 'er.

Yes, just do it.

This is one saint that might make you a sinner... and you want to show her some love....

Take her top off slowly....

Inhale her aroma....

Let. Her. Flow...

And then enjoy every last drop of her:
neat- or as an optimizer for your concoctions.

This IS playground love.

But you should act fast, things as good as this don't come around too often.