Occupy My Mind


I am currently on tour with Mastodon / Dillinger Escape Plan / Red Fang. Occupying cities throughout the U.S. and Canadialand. ||||||||||| At blast off I started filling boxes with galactical dust, incandescent ideas, illustrious inspiration, extractions, ephemera and euphoric-renderings. I hope to adorn myself and others with what becomes of these cosmic collections post-tour. Until then I work with what I have, dreaming night into day of metallic geometrics under winter-white warmth and black, patterned interwoven fabric danier --forty three percent and more. Triangles and squares beneath daybreak spiked with color circling hips and falling like feather-light streams, and glowing embers, to the floor. Headdresses that would please the likes of Cleopatra to Clara Bow. I have been cloaked in mostly black, a precious rose-gold planchette hanging around my neck and dust from the days and cities anterior to the one my fingers are currently tracing maps on. The season is rolling by hiding its characteristic-charm, seemingly every other day, leaving me in a perpetual (day to state to city to state) state of weather submittance ::: tights on // tights off, but always smiling. As we head deeper into the U.S., I can feel that winter is creeping in with the time-zone transitions. It does make tucked-in, radiating home  call a little louder (even amidst a stellar time out here). Thankfully I have thickly-spun cozy cotton hoods, layers of black beefy blankets, tea-lit tight spaces breathing warmth, body heat, L O V E and photo inspiration like this to keep me warm.