Yesterday, as my night moved methodicaly past midnight into the early-morning witching hours before dawn, I noticed the swelling of the moon in the inky Denver sky. As the breath of myself, and my company, filled the cold air, my thoughts flipped through files as I tried to recall the given identity of this particular full moon that I once read about in the pages of a book on Pagan ritual. Full moons are known to various Pagans, Native Americans and various cultures around the globe by their epithet. The November moon's most commonly known in the Northern Hemisphere as The Beaver Moon, The Frost Moon or The Hunter's Moon. Each name bestowed is indicative of what happenings are unfolding during the month as the seasonal progressions continue, and for the conjoining intentions set by the tribes that turned to these moons, these measures of calendric time, for guidance. In addition, and for centuries expanding continents, it has been thought that the time of the full moon is a time to work on your own growth, personal and spirutal lessons and enlightment. In other words it is an excellent time to set intentions. As I type with still-cold, stiffened fingers from the air filling the city of Omaha Nebraska, and think what November means in terms of fall slowly growing colder to meet winter, and the preparation of most to build and collect materials for warmth, I set protective intentions for myself and those I love. Protection from the 'cold' that could try to sweep in and seemingly freeze one's personal/spirtual/creative (and so on) evolution. I set these intentions with a deep inhale and a soft howling exhale at the moon. I suggest you should too.