Vintage Lenses

i have an encompassing love and ardent passion for the camera and the photographic processes in all of their honest, manipulable, fortuitous, designed; vibrant, black and white, saturated, vignetted, sepia-toned, digital, silver and printed (on virtually any material) glory. i love the camera itself. it's varied styles, protocols, mechanisms, makes and models, almost equally. the idea of light and shadow, subject-object relationships and the art of printing perpetually intrigue, inspire, challenge and seduce me. while i consider myself to be a novice-to-compulsive photographer, sometimes i go into periods of quiescently when all i can do is use my own lenses and consume images captured by others.... if you have ever laid your eyes on this blog you probably are privy to all of this by sheer inference. 

today liam digitally introduced me to the works of irina werning. a bueno aires photographer who has, inspired by the subject's expressions, conveyed emotions and all around aesthetics of the tiny pieces of history, decided to embark on an ongoing project where she took an old photograph of someone(s) and recreated the image down the last detail, trying to evoke the feelings experienced and encapsulated in the original. the results are light and heartwarming. perfect for a cold, dismal night. enjoy.