There are not many edible things in this world that make my mouth as happy as a sandwich does. Preferably, one toasted and stuffed to the crust with kettle-cooked potato chips and some sort of spicy accoutrement. And while there are myriad additional things that delight me daily (*The Captain*, music, art, travel, music, photography, mental-masturbation) time with my dog also tops this list. And while I do not plan on ever eating my dog, I did name him Sandwich (T. Pants) in honor of one of my favorite things.
Inspired by the awesomeness of an episode of Solid Dudes Kitchen, today I am making myself an epic sandwich to Prince's Purple Rain album. 

This one, however, will be vegan. 

If you haven't watched an episode of Solid Dudes, I suggest you do so. They kinda rule the school of internetual culinary-based hilarity. 

If you want to make an awesome vegan sandwich start with two thick-slices of a seedy, multi-grain bread, chopped olives, lightly garlic and olvie-oil-sauteed greens (drain some of the oil), salt and peppered-tomatoes, roasted: mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant and chili peppers and a slice of vegan cheese. Top the insides of the bread with a smear (I hate that word almost as much as loaf) of spicy, basil vegan-aoli, stuff with salt and vinegar chips and then brutally toast it.


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