Dr No's Oxperiment

Some winter days, when one must be trapped in their house armed with scissors and cardboard; flooded by a barrage of paper, ribbons, and tape; there to build tiny ships that will sail into the arms of loved ones on holidays, you need a tall stack of grooves to help you plow through the task with a sense of delight. This album is it:

"Oh No" aka Michael Jackson may be on the rise to being king of the underground hip hop, trip hop scenes. His third album "Dr No's Oxperiment" is a stellar, all-out instrumental collection of soul, rock, hip hop, world and funk bits and bobs taken from around the globe. Layers and loops; blurred lines forming a melting pot of ; Caterwauls, fuzzy guitars, break beats, jazzy riffs, garage sounds, tinkering, vocal accents: It's all there in one hot and spicy package.

You want to get in to this.