P.sych Fest.

It's today. Already. Can you believe it? Say you are here with me, today, in Austin, TX : birthplace and global epicenter of psychedelia; also known to some as the "live music capitol of the world." And say you are into this music thing; and more specifically, being regaled by artists who collectively impale you with impeccable rock craft that leaves your brain's walls expanded and bruised by sound... heavy on: exotic instrumentation, reverb, panning, guitar, guitar, guitar; sitar, tabla, electric pianos, melloton, modal melodies and surreal, whimsical lyrics.

Then I assume that you will indeed want a tricked-out vessel to rocket launch you into that wonderful thing we call: the weekend. Or maybe you just want to honor the cradle of consciousness and float on waves of grooves while you gaze at the stars, and your shoes, and tune-in...turn-on...drop out.

So yea, it's here. It's Friday. Your ship has come in. And you can eat your meat, or not eat your meat, but you will definitely want to get on board with Austin's Psych Fest II. This boat is equipped with a launch pad, fireworks and some powerful sonic weaponry; and will be docked at the RADIO ROOM, 508 East 6th St.

Indulge your dark pleasures.


And here friends, here are some additional nuggets of information, including tonight's lineup and informatives from the people of the festival:

(and for more, let this link >link< take you to Sat and Sun.'s set-times and info'mation)

The Black Angels
| 11:45pm

Austin’s psychedelic torch bearers and Psych Fest 2 curators The Black Angels headline Friday, closing out the night with their their drone n’ roll. There are rumors of a special guest…

The Golden Dawn | 11pm

George Kinney and crew take the Fest full-circle back to 1968, performing their cult status Psych masterpiece Power Plant from start to finish. Pay homage to these Texas legends as they bring history to life. |

Lower Heaven | 10pm

This four piece from Silverlake, California creates lush shoegaze with a variety of vintage instruments, including an auto harp. These veteran musicians pay homage to thier influences (The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground, Ech and The Bunnymen), and at the same time cut new paths and pave new roads to a place all their own.

Woven Bones | 9:15pm

The trio bring gritty reverb drenched psych-punk to the stage to kick things off. The buzz behind the few recordings they’ve released and acclaim for their live shows has us betting they’ll be hitting the road soon, spreading their dirty lo-fi grooves nationwide. |

and for the rest of the weekend. . .

Saturday the 14th
Sky Sunlight Saxon of The Seeds / Dead Meadow / The Wooden Ships / Golden Animals / Indian Jewelry / Daughters of the Sun / Shapes Have Fangs / The Shine Brothers / The Astronaut Suit / The Tunnels / Smoke and Feathers / PJ and the Bear

Sunday the 15th

A Place to Bury Strangers / The Warlocks / The Strange Boys / Asteroid #4 / Forever Changes / The Vandelles / The Upsidedown / Miranda Lee Richards / Christian Bland & The Revelators / Cavedweller / Cartright