(bedtime babbles)

i am toying with the idea of posting segments in my [other] blog expressing the theme of duality through music and words. basically, i will put up a blog and include two different soundtracks; depending on which you choose, the overall tone of the same written piece will metamorphose into something that contrasts the other.

i feel that the changing of songs can drastically reshape how one interprets the dialogue and shapes the conjured imagery in their head. what sparked this was my recent pondering of how, in the ad world, using different music could be helpful in marketing products to various demographics: using the lyrics, composition, sound and tone, rather than a new cast of people. if most of the demographic and psychographic information of a targeted audience is essentially the same- the only difference being their gender- I find this could be exceptionally powerful in the selling of a brand, and the expansion of its image.

(i am currently working on ad mock-ups to present this point)

in the meantime, here is my first draft for the story side of things:

there is a fine line between lust and love: in the midst of a whirlwind of sweetness, with all receptors firing at blistering speeds, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two: both fill you with elation; leave you weak in the knees; stuttering, breathless or panting. lust and love can be manipulative and render you powerless...or put you in control.

i have created a scenario, (based on blissful experiences, of course) and would like you to use the music i have inserted as your soundtrack while reading. the song you choose will pick a side and set the tone.

tell it to me sweetly :

just tell it to me:

there is a certain obscure shift that happens when you start to recognize it's there. a unique, momentary stillness when it's all about to reach the sweet point of breaking...when glances can no longer dance around the center... when lips are nervously bitten...when the smile can no longer hide behind those lips.

there is a symphony of fluttering beneath all of your nerves standing at full attention; mixed with a new cadence in your breath...beneath butter-soft skin, begging to be touched so that you too can turn completely into butter.

the attraction becomes almost tangible, so you try to make the choreography oblique to passersby. this is when you think for a second it might not be there; when you try to hover in denial. but you can't, because it is there. you're right up against it and the electricity is causing it to all unfold rapidly.

when this shift happens, control looses quickly to the natural momentum caused by irrepressible chemical reactions. the myriad distractions no longer break.... and this particular form of silent seduction, becomes: the only distraction

you start to fumble your words. you start to crawl all over each others sentences.
you both meet the crescendo of the last sixty seconds with what feels like a blow to the head--

and it hits at once.

and it does not speak-
it doesn't need to.
even with vibrating vocabulary filling in all the immediate spaces
it only needs to act.
to dizzy you.
make you weak.
blanket everything in a swath of heat that transforms itself into
gushing liquid electricity:
heady, lucid, magnetic-
almost too much to bear.

flickering as you still try to fight it until right before the actual...


when it all becomes screaming neon in a blurring sea of smoke rings and vocal abstractions.
when it all becomes palpable...

when it becomes some fiery rocket burning through time in a fever of excitement.

THIS is the moment that IT renders you powerless;
when it tears things down.
tears things off.

this is the moment that locks your mind in one place, as you have gotten too close to wonder...too close to speak...too close to think-but not too close. in fact, you can't get close enough. you swallow all the doubt...all the worry and just dive headfirst into a pool of pleasure....into fingertips wandering all over skin...when you grab hold of their face, their waste, the bottom of their shirt....and with this, then you truly let go of the strings attached to all that surrounds you... and just slip into this unadulterated moment; succumb to the silence; the immaculate stillness that has caused time to freeze around you....

in this moment, nothing else matters anyway.
you don't care.
the people outside don't care.
the four walls your spinning in don't care.
the moon doesn't care.
because in the end, it is all that everyone is looking for..... and it is all that is meant to be enjoyed.