Cinnamatic Delights

I'm a sucker. No, I am not a fool; just a person who has, shall we say, an oral fixation. Whether it be to freshen my breath, calm my nerves, or just to keep my mouth happy and busy, I love to suck on a tiny nugget of candy goodness. I find the art of candy sucking to be my zen at times, especially when I am writing or catering to my *aural* fixation.

I used to have a pretty heavy addition to raspberry sour Altoids, and then I moved on to Bubblemint Orbits... until I started to think that there were addictive substances put into the gum that would leave me lock-jawed and drooling over a pile of empty gum wrappers. Scrounging change from the floor of my car to buy more.

Over the years I have replaced both with an array of confections that ranged in flavors from: sweet-mint to ice breaking peppermint to Absinthe (deeelic candies I picked up at a wine store in West Hollywood) and, on occasion, a delicious Camel Light. I know, not exactly candy, but tasty on occasion nonetheless. However recently, I went back to the old red: Cinnamon Altoids. I don't know if its the snazzy tin, the remnants of cinnamony-sugar dust that burst when you open it, or just the fiery deliciousness of the candy itself, but needless to say, it was a pleasant reunion.

So tonight while I was watching some videos and using some mellow, progressionist techno to try and pry open my brains so I could write a thing or two, I decided to try something and experience what I will now call the "alt. effect." The Alt. Effect involves the following steps:
shove some cinnamon altoids in the mouf +plus+
a video called "spark," by techno minimlist lawrence, in front of the eyes
. . .and in the ears. . .
(or another of your choice)
and let it =equal=
a little mind-rockets in flight. cinnamatic delight.