sometimes i am an idiot

that's it, really.

well, i shouldn't sell myself too short on these rare occasions;
sometimes i am an idiot, but an idiot with a stellar soundtrack, to decorate my moments of stupidity.

four tet : my angel rocks back and forth
nino rota : l'arcobaleno per giulietta
ola podrida: cindy
yo la tengo :: saturday
funkadelic ::: can you get to that
tv on the radio :::: poppy
seabear ::: hands remember
robert wyatt : a beautiful peace
bower birds : in our talons
the books : none but shining hours
rufus thomas ::: breakdown pt. 1
aretha franklin : baby, i love you
broken social scene : no smiling/darkness snake charmer's assoc.
kevin shields : city girl
agitation free ::::::::: malesch
ethan rose ::: song one
double handsome dragons ::: bus trips
saxon shore : this shameless moment
can ::: bring me coffee or tea
stevie wonder : signed, sealed, delivered
james brown ::::: cold sweat part 1
misfits : last caress
the saints "( i'm ) stranded
the mountaineers : apart from this
nina simone :::: just in time
marlene shaw : california soul (diplo remix)
isolee : cite grande terre
flying lotus ::: golden diva

i promise to put some files up soon for you to take into your world with you.

p.s. muffins

since you took the time to read this,
let me share with you a collection of fine photos
(taken with my Mac Book)
from my beautiful trip of reclusion, thus far.


more to come...