I Swim I Swing I Listen

Morr music...

Yes, please.


More whimsical than gelid.
More emerald than silver.
More first snow than dead of winter.
More child than adult.
More delightful than dreary.
More hush than scream.
More in english than Sigur Ros<3...

A gem hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, Seabear started out as a one-man band;
a project of Sindri Sigfússon, a.k.a. Sin Fang Bous, another sweet super-talented, quirky kid on the Icelandic music playground.

About a year before the 2007 release, appropriately titled The Ghost that Carries Us Away, he was layering dreamy sonic landscapes and bringing in six other members to make what today is a delicious slice of the whimsical indie-folk/ dream-pop pie.

I have had this album for over a year now, and am happy to hear that the heavenly soft melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, that spin delicate threads into a sound blanket of nostalgia; dreams forgotten; childhood; falling in love; getting lost; and the hidden beauty found in time spent wandering alone-- have not lost their charm; and, for what it is worth, it elates me that even the music sups at Gossip Girl are catching on to its wonderfulness. These guys deserve to be heard.

I suggest spending some time with this over a weekend.

It is especially a great Sunday album...
One to run away with... alone, or with someone else.

'Til then...