I'm Sweet On The Swedish Imports


I am not going to lie, sometimes I am a big fan of a little rock and soul spun with sugary pop; especially when the tracks are laced with female vocals. It is such a sweet mix, and is the perfect soundtrack to connect me to my...eh hem...feminine side, in a way that my prog rock regulars just can't.

(oh but I do love my prog and post rock...)

So since it is Summer, and what better time of year to fill between my headphones with flirty sonic delights, I have been bopping (yeah, bopping) to the sounds of a Miss Lykke Li. Sweden's latest blonde ambition.

Youth Novels can be equated, in fantasy, to tip-toeing and sashaying through a euphoria ladened disco island. I can hear all the tiny hints of a sultry night through the sweeping melodies, pulsing drum beats, and the touches of almost childlike percussion. You can imagine swinging, sun-drenched, in a summer breeze while your troubles melt away.

Maybe this only works for me, but really, imagine this with me. Who doesn't want to be swiveling their hips in a land of debauchery far, far away... With the aforementioned in tack, mixing pop, soul, electro, reggae and a little rock, the album manages to be both sweet and sexy. A great soundtrack for day and/or evening play.

For more, click here: Lykke Li

And for ear candy right here, press play:::

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