Welcome to little Bonkersville.

Please, finish your collapse and stay for breakfast.

Take a look at what we are serving today, or perhaps the leftovers from weeks and months before. I am aware that I had left this thing here, this little nook, strand in the web, barely dressed since back in the Spring. But I am back now. I am emptying my head and plastering this page from the pile of extractions from my brain. I am making this my new scratch pad, my box of fun.

Finish Your Collapse... will also double as a place for you to go to when you are procrastinating... or are in need of a dose of something differnet... a soft place for you to land when surfing the wonderful waves of the internets.

Without further adieu, I present a resuscitated ramble that I was going to use to pop my own cherry, along with the appropriate picture (above) of one of Breakfast's favorite companions, toast.

It's best with a steamy dose of sweet caffeine.

::::::::: :::::::::: : ::::::::: ::::::: : :::::::

I write this blog sitting on my front steps. There are splendid sounds of crickets and summer bugs filling in the gaps when my mind goes quiet. I am tapping keys, and my feet on the cold cement; hoping that the stinky skunk that greeted me in the driveway last night does not plan on returning.

I am borrowing a little internet connection from a stranger named Wizard tonight. I know, I know...but I feel like this Wizard character is my knight in shining karma; treating me to the goodness I bestowed upon my neighbors in Los Angeles. You see, for a year or so, I left my airport unguarded so the fellow residents of 2119 Beachwood, and those who touched down closely, could freely use my services paid for by the bar donations of the West Side's finest scamps and scholars.

You're welcome neighbors. And thank You, Wizard.

Maybe even someday he will pay this site a visit...


Finish your collapse will be a collection of semi-daily blatherskite; sharp points of view (ha); lots of music stuff; my reviews from other outlets, and audio and visual treats from all levels of this wonderful world wide web. Think of it as an escape for you, built by me.

So enjoy this time with the virtual me… or hate on it.
I don't give a damn.

peace and love and stuff


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