Stop and Smell The Roses


Everything is coming out roses. Or it can if you want it to. Newly filling the air of the world beauty market is a Perfume Candy that will give your taste-buds extra sweet internal attention, while your externals attract and receive the same. Inspired by ongoing oral fixations with floral-flavored confections, addictions to that which can perform double-duty, olfactive affairs with the timeless scent of the geranium flower (a Victorian-era obsession), and modern perfume's most notorious confidant: the rose. And more specifically, the scent of the rose, the Bulgarian company Deo created a candy that will (post-consumption) leave you smelling like a walk in the garden. How does this all work? The candy contains the ingredient Gerniol, a chemical that after ingestion, and most importantly, the lack of digestion, emits itself (and in this case in a blossoming, aromatic sort of way) out of your pores. I admit I am tempted to try it. Who doesn't to eat their candy and smell like it too?!