For Your Health...

"If government can legislate against drugs, may it some day require people to take them?"

Science. I always found Science class (Biology, Psychology, Astronomy...) to be the most fascinating pieces of my college-prep curiculum. Being an ever-changing subject of mastery and elusiveness, the ongoing paramount-reach for pinnacle after pinnacle, through the perpetually-revealed results of the most hardcore examples of experimentation and observation, it has just grabbed and held my attention since first grade.

The caption above describes the ideas illuminated in the first image below. The vivid photo elucidates the fusion of an artistic expression of science and psychadelia. The picture made its debut in an edition of Life and Health that came our in 1972; A place that housed a lot of surreal, chromatic images by the illustrator, Phil Kirkland. Kirkland is most known for a slew of surreal, outstanding illstrations that shone their psychadelic lights in various science magazines and textbooks mostly based on health and psychology. Yes, I too am wondering why my school did not stock any such publications that gladly integrated such beautiful, evocative imagery. In addition to magazines and textbooks Kirkland also did illustrations for a few science-fiction magazines...naturally.

For more seventh-period Psych-Sci with Mr Kirkland you can enter here and 'open' up various textbooks. (((Bell Ringing)))