Diamond Eyes, Bubble Girls

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St. Petersburg, Florida, the Deftones and, of course, my tour family - the Dillinger Escape Plan (esp L.P.W.) - thank you for the memories this Spring. The ingestion and metabolization of the last 9 weeks has been one nutritious, deliciously fun, educational, inspirational, euphoric, satisfying experience. There were waves of cherries added in splendor to the top of almost every night. I wish I could have seconds.

Til we all meet again I can swoon over the soapy memory of one of our best days off where we had a tour tea party, sun-bathed by the ocean, surfed sound waves, watched dolphins and pelicans play, drank frosty, fruit-filled beverages by the pool and delighted in moments shared with members of both touring parties all while filling in the gaps with a couple of swirling shows of bubbles, courtesy of myself and Amber.