Another Class


When I first met the Captain, he read me an excerpt from one of his favorite works of fiction, Mark Richard's stunningly-beautiful, imaginative tale,titled Fishboy

Any seafaring mortal with a vivid imagination and keen adoration for visceral legends, and lore of the darker, macabre variety, would be captivated by this compelling piece of work --As I found myself, immediately. 

The sentences are all rhythmic poems swirling words and evocations together with such stylistic brilliance, that you can taste the sea brine on your tongue, feel the tempestuousness of the ocean carrying you through the pages, and see the haunting breaths of the characters expand the bindings and bring the pages to life; rendering the spirit of Fishboy and the accompanying deranged characters, and the surrealistic nature of Richard's creations, palpable. 

Both graceful and grotesque, this book is a must read.

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