Bone Skulls and Randomry

Our first day off was in Prague after a fairly intense, bloody show. Think: Dillinger "tattoos," as the fans call their battle wounds. We took to the train, led by the promoter Tomas, to head north to Kutn├í Hora, Czech Republic. Within the limits of this small town, is something pretty magnificent: Kostnice Ossuary, or "the bone church". 

Years ago I had seen Jan ┼ávankmajer's (one of my favorites) film "The Ossuary" about this eerie structure made completely of human bones. This film was made in 1970 and I did not realize that this place, this monument to human skeletal remains, was an actual visitable church.  

When Liam told me about it we determined that a visit to the Kostnice was a must if our day off allowed for time in Prague. So needless to say, I was psyched when we rounded up the troops and boarded the train...

Not quite understanding the class system on the train, we all awkwardly filed up and down the aisles, opening and closing doors, trying to find seats for the 30+km track. 

As we approached one of the cars I saw a very American-hipster looking lad that-most likely- was also headed to the bone church. 

Fast forward to minutes and a different car later, Zero (as we will find out his name is) came into the car where Liam and I had finally gotten comfortable. It turns out that he was in fact an American, living here and there abroad, and wrote for Vice out of Australia. Knowing a thing or two about metal, he knew DEP and friendliness, chatter and the start of an article for viceland.com ensued. You can read it below. I have also included two of my favorite photos from the trip. It really doesn't get more metal than this:


if you'd like the svankmejer experince here is the link to the film:::