Until I Find More Words to Fill the Spaces

I can't seem to get my mind off of road trips. I am fresh off of one- from the grand state of Texas to the bay state of Massachusetts, with many other colorful places in between- so I am suppose to be standing somewhat still within the city's limits... for a little while. While I dream of future adventures, and the warmth and hum of my car when taking on the open road, I have been revisiting the soundtracks that dressed the minutes buzzing on. This song, by The Impossible Shapes, amongst others off its respective album, is one of my favourites for car adventuring.

If you have a chance, spend some time with them. Their whimsical, delicate arrangements speak to the dreamers and the lovers that traverse state lines and all the in-betweens looking for the somewhat unknown, and/or what they have been wanting for, for so long..... They are about the journey.

I promise to write more soon.
'Til then you can always visit the "Leftovers" section.

Florida Silver Springs
off of TUM :::: by The Impossible Shapes