City Sand Box

I happened upon this awesome photo today, while chewing time getting my art, news and music fixes. Sand castles always make me feel 7 again, and this one particularly made me smile as the subject of sand castles had randomly made its way into yesterday's conversations. It also made me eat my doubtful words from yesterday, when in my head it seemed to be almost impossible to do such a thing as build sandcastles while standing deep in the heart of Texas. Far from an ocean, salty air and what I deem the typical soundtrack to when I am building sandcastles: waves crashing, seagulls soaring overhead, the muffled laughter of kids in the distance, the ebb and flow of the sea. This photo only proves further that you don't need an ocean by your side to have proper castle-making sand, or a lake in the case of Austin; and apparently, you also don't need a beach at all. All you do need is a bucket of sand, a good square, (or a few concrete slab you can pry from the ground) good company, a heart like a kid's, and some sweet, uninterrupted play time.

I got.


(Photo: Brad Downey)