Video Viaticum V. 10.21.09

This week I am on a mission to get back on the writing horse; I am collecting nuggets of media to help conjure up the necessary inspiration I need to spew some novel vernacular: videos, articles, quotes, short stories. I need the visionaries of yesterday and today to help get me off of my feet...and the assistance of the Google gods, of course.

This morning-doing double-duty cleaning up my 'bookmarks', while seeking said inspiration amongst them- I came across the link to one of the advertising world's dark and beautiful slices of commercial wonderful: Levi's "The Drugstore".

While this 1994 commercial has been one of the most honored of any (it even holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for commercial to win the most awards), it was actually banned in North America due to its "suggestive" content; suggestive being in reference to the use of the Levi's "watch pocket" as a place to pack a condom.

The commercial itself is pure artistic visual bliss; A throwback to the silent films of the Depression Era, with a sexy, modern edge brought to us by, none other than, the vivacious, visionaire Mister Michel Gondry. Gondry shot two versions of the commercial: one w a boy as the purchaser, and one reversed with the girl in that role.

Both make me want too kick around old buried ideas for short horror films. For now, it is good to just get the juices flowing.
So my video allowance of the day will be shared w you now, as I do need to start producing instead of watching.


Drugstore Boy

Drugstore Girl

Song in the commercial is "Novelty Waves" by Biosphere