Feel Good Hit of My Summer

As some of you privy to the goings-on in my perpetual life-adventure know, I am on tour this summer. The kicking and screaming, thunderous cloud of ground stomping,fist-pumping, metal raising, pit-circle jerking, growling beast of a tour otherwise known as "The Mayhem Fest," to be more precise.

One of the perks of being on said like-tour is that almost every 'working' night -post-breakdown and tummy-fill- as I am about to get clean in what are usually dirty, wet, showering spaces, this little band that could...and does...called Slayer (maybe you have heard of them?) hits the stage like a fist of fury to a few thousand un-expecting faces and blasts through my brain like an exploding fighter jet.

Alright, maybe this face, and the others are expecting it, but no matter what, when Slayer strikes, it connects with you harder than you ever thought it could....and it is f*cking A-MAZING.

This isn't my first experience with Slayer on stage. I windmilled a couple of times over the years to them as an introductory course to Pantera. But this is the first time, and maybe the only, that I have gotten to take a shower while listening to them slaughter the fck out of songs from Reign of Blood to Seasons In The Abyss and so on. Even over 20 years after performing at one of their first shows at a place called Woodstock in 1983, Slayer can still douse a pentagram-lit stage with the explosive energy and drive of fearless teenagers filled with enough piss and vinegar to power- and pummel- an entire 18,000+ capacity amphitheater, and with enough skill and finesse of real metal-making machines that preform flawlessly over and over again.

These guys bring it.

They are metal mayhem and I am so stoked to be a part of this tour.

So every working night I hear Slayer, and every night I still get goosebumps and a rush that keeps me amped 'til bus call.

Want to take a peek into what is happening during Slayer and this year's Mayhem Fest?
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