Mustache March! Manana! Here, in ATX!

It's March. It's delightful out there. And it's officially the week of SXSW supercalafragalistic-fun! Which means everyone is all about music and free stuff and this fun I speak of...which also happens to be mostly free.

You like?
I like.
We all like!

So I mustache you a question, dear reader:
Are you a good person who likes to support good things with other good people who support good things...and who may or not be hairy-faced as fck?

Well if you are then put down that NAIR (ladeez, that sh*t be nasty anyway) and bring your hairy-self (or soft self w inked or glued on mustache) and get down to sixth street tomorrow at 4pm for the Mustache March.

What is zees you ask? Here is a message from some of the sponsors:

"Geeks, musicians, activists, actors and everyday SXSW attendees will join together to take the streets of SXSW on March 19th to rally for what they believe in.

The Mustache March is a convergence of supporters from partnering Organizations:
Invisible Children, Farm Sanctuary, charity: water, HSUS, Friends Of TOMS, Global Inheritance, HOPE, Human Rights Action Center, Falling Whistles and others from each and every cause coming together to champion efforts by raising awareness and involvement among the SXSW community.

Wear your mustache, fake or real, and march for what you believe in! No matter what your cause is, join us, because united we cannot be ignored. Facial hair has never had such an impact."

Get it on peacefully tomorrow, Thursday March 19th; meet at 4:30; S.E. Corner of 6th and Brazo.

For more info'mation, click->

Go down and just do it, son!