This message is coming at you from inside my, Captain JC, Garden of Thoughts. Why do you call yourself captain? You say. Well....I guess because when you turn thirty you get a dope captain's hat atop your triple-layered birthday cake. It is navy and sweet with gold details, and it even has that little rope thing hugging the crescent-shaped visor. I guess all visors are crescent shaped. It's still so cool on my captains hat. It makes me feel like I am in control. Maybe I am a control freak....or Captain. Moving along...

This special thirty cap.-cap allows you to address yourself as "captain" or "el capitan," or, in my case, "la capitana." It also makes the things underneath your covered noggin start to shift around and arrange themselves in a much more clear and concise manner. It makes you SEE things. Know things. It makes you want to spread some cognitive seed....

Or seeds.

With the end of 2008 quickly materializing, I feel the need to plant my experience seeds into the minds of you, dear readers.

I think Blondie might enhance this reading experience

So here they be- in the forms of suggestive seeds and seeds that have bloomed into a little life lesson. Take them with you and watch them color your world more wonderful:





curiosity will be responsible for many little deaths and little joys in your life...and without it, your heart will stop beating.

Think clearly.
Love freely.
Throw-away negativity.

Be open.


Melt stubborness.

Indulge in foreign tastes.

Soak up/in as much SUNLIGHT AND WATER as you can. They are the primordial forces of life.

Be ok with the past: learn from it and make every moment that follows better.

Be kind. Kindness is king or queen. It is a more of a valuable commodity than intelligence
and is super when paired with intelligence, wit and other splendid adjectives.
We are all human beings playing the starring role in our lives.
Show some respect.

Move forward with passion, drive and swell-intentions.

Buddy-up with GOOD DEEDS and take them to the streets.

Be a spelunker metaphorically and literally.

Appreciate the simple pleasures that are spun from the corners of everyday life.

*Soak in a digital bath of sonic design*

Feed your mind.
Feed your soul.

Plug into a tireless energy source, and be one for someone else.

Wander through book and music stores with your *cell phone turned off*

When grilling use charcoal, not gas

Smile, often.
After a certain age you should smile at, and talk to, strangers.
As for the taking candy part - use your best judgement.

Be polite.
Manners. Manners. Manners people!

(And chilvary, is not dead. It just likes to take naps)

*don't take it personally*

Make this day a splendid one for you and the people around you-both near and far.

Take a walk-it will help anything.
and will almost always turn up an unexpected discovery, and make you really appreciate your environment.

Indulge in freshly-spun sugar:
cotton candy, my friends, is one of life's most delicious simple pleasurables ...and i am pretty sure the leading cause of cavities for circus folk.

If you can't get out of something, get into it.
If you can't fix it, fuck it

some things are just not meant to be, and in your heart you will know what they are. this can also be a more abrasive way to say this: people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. there are people and things that will come into your life simply to teach you something, while leaving the relationship behind and pushing you to move along with the knowledge you have gained and the memory in your heart...

Don't just sit back:
time and tide and hookers wait for no man
ok, i don't know about the hooker part, that is just what rodney dangerfield said.

Keep a list of great quotes, such as:
"the existence of music is proof of the existence of 'god'" -kurt vonnegut .

Be careful what you wish for.

Stay balanced and feng shui the sh*t out of your apartment/home/office/car.
If you shape it, good energy will come.

Fall in love outside the lines: you don't have to know someone for that long for them to become a special part of your journey
you also don't have to be in any comfort zone to meet these people either

Call your mom.
The woman gave you life. And unless she truly sucks, like after-school special sucks, you should call her and tell her you love her.

Take a different way home sometimes.

"don't go mistaking paradise for that home across the road" -eric clapton quoting bob dylan
take from this what you will.... it can mean many things.

Be vulnerable. Surrender:
learn the power and wisdom in unconditinal surrender
(remember: the greatest art of our time comes from people going through "the hurt")

Have faith.
And remember, FAITH has nothing to do with religion. Religion kills

Yup, I said it.

Go back to where you can from: sometimes going home can be more challenging than going to a foreign land where you don't speak the language... and sometimes it can be the most comforting.

Never underestimate the power of:
good sleep; a hard laugh; losing control; a long shower; le petite mort; a kiss; a good meal; an unexpected conversation.

Appreciate silence.

never say never it will almost always bite you in the ass

*always be a kid at heart
throw out the numbers*
(unless you want the hat ;)

* there is no such thing as too much FUN! that is what life's all about :)

* read as much as you can

*don't take it personally*

see from your heart.

Enjoy the joyous transmissions from your City:::
and the endless possibilities of freedom. . .

SPEAK TO THE WIND)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Over and Out,
With Love.