"Temptation" was recorded as a stand-alone single and released in 1982 on an EP by British post-punk, elctro-synth-pop-rockers New Order. If you don't know who they are...sing the words "How does it feel" in your head a few times, and it just might spark something.

Since 1982, "Temptation" has been re-recorded and rereleased on New Order's collection of singles called Substance and the Trainspotting soundtrack. In addition, in the movie Trainspotting, the song and/or lyrics can be heard three separate times: By Diane who is singing the lyrics while she bathes; In the background during the breakfast scene; and lastly, when Renton is locked in his room.

This song is the sound of lusting for change while being wrapped up tightly in the lust for lust and the throes of love and the sum of all of its interchangeable faces. It's on, and this week, on and on and on...

"up, down, turn around
please don't let me hit the ground
tonight I think I'll walk alone
i'll find my soul as I go home....
ooooh oooh ooh. ooooh oooh ooh. ooh ooh ooh"