Pits of Passion

Passion Pit is a 5-piecer hailing from Cambridge, Mass. that sound like what would happen if an assemblage of dirt bikes, pogo sticks, faeries and circus folk crashed onto a disco ball-lit stage, while someone struck up the synthesizer and launched a falsetto'ing alternative/electro-pop/indietronic rocket, that blew out the rubble, and caused the collapsing scene to get the f* up and dance in a cloud of contradicting nervousness, elation, excitement and disappointment.

Their track Sleepyhead was my hand shake. It dances on the line of being flat-out annoying, as does a lot of the tracks on their debut album Chunk of Change-- which should be noted were recorded entirely by Passion Pit creator Michael Angelakos. Angelakos, who calls Randy Newman and Giorgio Moroder influencers, recorded the Chunk of Change EP from material originally put together as a (belated) Valentine’s Day present to his girlfriend. Post-gifting, he was prompted to give the cds out to fellow students and friends at and around Emerson College in Boston which led to more listeners, lovers, shows, an FNX Music Poll award and opening slots for Death Cab for Cutie and Girl Talk.

Angelakos is definitely a talent, as are his backing musical-mates, and I think there will be better stuff to come from these guys in the future because this first try does identify itself through your speakers as yet another avant-retro ode to the 80s electropop scene--which is not bad. Please, do not misunderstand. Sometimes a light flashback is a good thing; We all need a little somethin' something' to help bring us back to the delicate days of happiness wrapped up in first kisses, house parties and school dances. His voice can be a bit much, and some of the tracks could use some depth, and a little smoothing of the edges; But, admittedly, something in their music, specifically the track Sleepyhead below, kicks me in the back and makes me shimmy and shake in my car in ways that are probably hazardous to my personal safety.

I think Passion Pit has a way of getting in there and tapping the right shoulder of the happy-go-lucky lady inside of me. (Maybe it's because I was nudged, repeatedly, by peeps to listen) I mean, I can understand music snobbery to some degree, but there are times when if you can just let go and get into something for the sake of making an otherwise gray moment (I am in Boston in November afterall) a pretty one, well then, you're good and may enjoy this for a hot few minutes.

I suggest listening to it within four walls that are not on wheels.

(the original version is my fave, as the remix takes a bit too long to get to the good part)

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josh said...

yes yes yes! everything is going to the beat