Arts and Crafts and Beer and Metal!

With All Hallows Eve week in full-effect, the still vibrating buzz about the HBO series True Blood, and my brand spanking new plastic fangs and blood capsules begging to cover me teeth, it seems appropriate that today (yes, at 3 in the afternoon) what has made me reach full *awake* status is this badass new video by the grunge/metally/punky/booming Portland Oregon quartet, Red Fang.

Now, Red Fang is not breaking new musical ground here people, although some stranger named Hannah in Seattle did say this " “I hereby declare Red Fang to be one of the best fucking cheeseburgers you’ve ever had. Prepare to have your face melted off.” , but they are making a sick (and enviro-friendly) costume using beer cans, while they play music for breakfast's of champions.

-I really like-

The entire video appeals to the funny little manboy that lives inside of me...yes, with that other funny, little old pervert.

So, if you like arts and crafts and beer, and your music loud, away.

I posted it right there.

I know, aren't I nice?

If you are not of the faint of heart, and want more of their grunge, metal godlessness goodness, please, by all means, click, click.