Tic Tac--Toast!

It's morning (or afternoon for some) and you've opted for the off button over snooze, have climbed out of bed, rose to the day, checked some e-mails, scratched your head, finished your collapse, and now you are staying for breakfast.

The coffee is percolating in the background, as you slowly fill a tall glass (and also your roommate's/friend's/lover's) with fresh, pulpy orange juice, or maybe even ice-cold milk. The choreography of the breakfast ritual is seamlessly unfolding in the midst of the moments, as you take out a loaf of bread (whole wheat or pumpernickle, hemp seed, what have you...), untwist the plastic, remove two slices and pop the them into the metal slits beckoning with heat from an electrically-charged orange glow.

It's Saturday, maybe Sunday, or heck you both are playing hooky. Whatever day it is your making this breakfast count. There has been sharing of wits, the frying of an egg, the cooking of some bacon (tempeh or real), and you both have been nibbling like squirrels on a nut, waiting for the toast, going over to-do lists while the smell of the crisping bread and burnt bits of meat fills the room and entices both of you.

What better thing is there to do while relaxing and slowly enjoying the stay for breakfast then playing a game with your toasty creation that you can then eat when you're done!?

Despite what you may be thinking, there is nothing else but what's below.
So please-just stop thinking about all the other stuff.

Gutter dwellers.

Back to this fabulous discovery...

It seems as if the game gods have answered all of our prayers with this fantastic toy!

Oh yes ladies and gentelmen, Tic Tac M* F'in' Toast! .

This might truly be the the best thing to happen to bread since, sliced bread.

Just think of the possibilities...

Peanut Butter vs Jelly
Peanut Butter vs Pickles
Nut Butter vs Honey
Grape Jelly vs Marmalade
Salt vs Pepper
Vegemite vs Marmite
Cinnamon vs Sugar
Nutella vs. Maple-Walnut Cream Cheese
Apple Sauce vs. Pumpkin Butter
Duck Confit vs AK's Orange Creamsicle Sauce
Jalapeno Spread vs Melted Brie
Egg White vs Egg Yolk
Butter vs Oil (ok, that might be a tough one)
You get it...

Did I mention you get to EAT THE GAME after you have whooped your friend's pajamed butt!?!

Oh yes, victory followed by the sweet ingestion of a morning delightful delectable edible.

Can't beat it, really.

And if you still haven't figured out how to use the damn toaster, or you're more of a goth kid, you can always make the burnt pieces useful as a more sleek, mod game board.

To get it, touch here and the internet will take you to McPhee.

And pick up a yodeling pickle while you are at it.

You know you want one.